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RSPB Balranald

North Uist is a spectacular blend of sandy beaches and machair land interlaced with freshwater lochs and rolling moorland hills. Running 13 miles North to South it takes roughly 45 miles to travel around the whole island. The west coast looks out to the Monach Islands and the magnificent St Kilda archipelago. The island is a haven for wildlife watchers and perfect for walking, cycling and kayaking.

Each season brings a different experience at the Balranald nature reserve. In spring, the air is filled with birdsong as they compete to establish territories and attract a mate. In summer, look out for young birds making their first venture into the outside world. Autumn brings large movements of migrating birds – some heading south to a warmer climate, others seeking refuge in the UK from the cold Arctic winter. In winter, look out for large flocks of birds gathering to feed, or flying at dusk to form large roosts to keep warm.